Find out what files occupy your disk with WizTree

Do you want to make space on your hard drives but don’t know what files are taking up the space? Don’t worry, it has happened to me too, since many times, I create unnamed folders and several subfolders inside, store unrelevant (but heavy) files in them and then forget them forever.

It turns out that there is a free and portable program that will analyze your drive in just 50 seconds (for a 2TB HDD) and is capable of displaying a complete list of files, ordering them by size, which will make the cleaning task easier.

The program I’m telling you about is WizTree, to obtain a list of the largest files, we just have to follow these steps:

  • We select the disk in the drop-down menu and click analyze (if it doesn’t do it automatically).
  • We wait for the list of files to load and click on the “View files” tab (it also has a tree view, but the list is more comfortable and easier to manage).
  • We right click on any file with which we want to perform actions, we have direct actions such as “Show in folder” or “Delete” directly from the list.

I don’t have much more to say, the program completely fulfills its function, the only drawback I can point out is that in my case at least, it tends to crash a little when interacting with the interface, but with a little calm , I instantly located files that I didn’t know already existed and that were no longer useful, more than 60GB in size that would have been difficult for me to locate, since they were located in subfolders within unnamed folders and in a quick pass I was able to recover more than 300GB Of space.

Remember that if you are going to delete files and especially they are on the system drive, do not delete any file that you do not know about, since it may be a Windows file or a program that you use.

If you know of any interesting programs like this to perform maintenance or organize your equipment, leave it in the comments and I will share it in a future post.

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