Share models between Automatic1111 and ComfyUI

Stable Diffusion begins to have several graphical interfaces and in some cases some will be more comfortable than others, but if you already have a good collection of models you will have realized that they take up considerable space.

However, the ComfyUI developers have taken this into account and made it much easier to use your current models in the Automatic1111 interface without having to copy or move them between folders.

For this, we simply need to copy the “extra_models_path.yaml.example” file and rename it to simply “extra_models_path.yaml”.

Once we have the file ready, we edit it and if we have not modified the default configuration of Automatic1111 we only need to modify the following line:

base_path: /{path to stable diffusion's folder}/stable-diffusion-webui/

For the path of the folder where we currently save the Automatic1111 UI and save the file, remember that if you use Windows, you can use paths with drive letters but replace all the “\” with “/”.

For example:

base_path: D:/IAs/stable-diffusion-webui

Once you start ComfyUI you will see that the models available in the Automatic1111 UI are now also available in ComfyUI.

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